Mindvalley events 2020

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Mindvalley events 2020

Here are the most compelling reasons why Jordan is one of the best countries to visit next year. With its progressive nature and tolerance towards the endless waves of incomers, Jordan is considered a safe haven from the conflicts of its neighbors. In fact, over the past decade, the Jordanian government has made tourism its primary focus and invested heavily in tourism and security — with no terrorist incidences in nearly 15 years.

Consequently, its tourism industry has experienced a growth spurt, and today, Jordan remains one of the safest countries to experience the quintessential Middle East. Inmillions of people around the world voted to make the sandstone city of Petra one of the New Seven Wonders. Dating back to some 2, years ago, the vast, ancient city is a maze of caves, temples, tombs, and monuments carved out from pink sandstone.

Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan. Wadi Rum is also historically home to the Bedouins, the nomads of the Arab deserts. In fact, one of the most popular and unique things to do in Wadi Rum is to stay at a Bedouin camp, in traditional yurts made out of wool.

Now, who can say no to that? Naturally, with the varied landscape and diversity in flora and fauna, the Dana Reserve boasts some of the best hikes in Jordan.

Goal Setting For 2020 — Jon and Missy Butcher

The most extreme hikers can even hike from the Dana Reserve to Petra, a thrilling adventure that takes days! The Dead Sea is a saltwater lake located between Israel and Jordan. Its position at the lowest sea level of any body of water on earth, and surrounded by mountains, makes the mud and silt around it rich with minerals such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium. In fact, many people use Dead Sea mud to treat various health conditions. Treat yourself to a natural spa experience by slathering your face and body with it, baking it into your skin under the sun, and rinsing it off in the mineral-rich sea.

There are many beautifully restored structures such as the Temples of Artemis and Zeus, the Forum, and North Theatre, which will give you a sense of what life was like when it was bustling with 20, people during the time of Alexander the Great. Another fun thing to do at Jerash is to catch the historical re-enactment; Roman soldiers will put on a military drill, followed by a gladiator fight, and finally a chariot race around the hippodrome.

No visit to Jordan would be complete without a stop at Amman, the lively capital city with a history that dates back to the 13th century BC. In Amman, Middle Eastern, North African, Persian and Mediterranean influences all come together to create a fantastic range of dishes that are bursting with flavor. When you dine in Jordan, you can expect to start with different mezze dishes — small plates of food such as traditional hummus, meat plates, and baba ghanoush. For main courses, the mansaf is a must-try.

Keen on greens instead of meat-based meals?

Meet Your Tribe - Mindvalley LIVE: Los Angeles 2020

Every year, Mindvalley holds an exclusive, invite-only event for like-minded visionaries looking to impact the world with their ideas. A-Fest was first held inand since then the event has been held in different exotic countries across the globe. With only up to individuals invited for this event, every A-Fest event is bound to be one that will bring you closer to brilliant-minded individuals, providing you a powerful learning experience and giving you unique opportunities to expand your horizons.

Want to know more about the previous A-Fest events and what A-Fest holds in store for you? Read more about A-Fest and A-Fest here! Obsessed with good writing and personal development, it was only natural that Khairie became the editor of Mindvalley's blog.

A strong believer in work-life balance, he believes that great work culture happens when companies see the best in their employees. When not working he can sometimes be found at the gym or in front of his computer playing video games. Jordan is a Safe, Hidden Gem that Promotes Tourism With its progressive nature and tolerance towards the endless waves of incomers, Jordan is considered a safe haven from the conflicts of its neighbors.Mindvalley gives you more than just amazing online programs.

You also join a group of special people who are dedicated to improving themselves and their world — while connecting, bonding and having an absolute blast. Mindvalley events are known for creating magic and connections that change the course of your life. Launched inA-Fest is an event that gathers an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world — entrepreneurs, employees, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries and more.

The festival takes place in paradise locations around the world. Here you will receive powerful training, profound mind shifts, bio-hacking techniques, deep and lifelong connections, incredible adventures and unique opportunities to multiply your impact and expand your game.

Mindvalley University is a new type of university — one that teaches you the skills you really need to succeed in life.

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Plus amazing opportunities to network with our community of hundreds of like-minded individuals. You will learn from world class teachers in personal and business growth to take whatever you are doing to the next level.

Come Together, Right Now

Plus there are parties, excursions, masterminds, and many more social activities that will give you incredible memories and lifelong friendships. We have a central Hub where all of the activities and workshops take place. Mindvalley University is designed to expand your social connections like no other experience on Earth.

Join us on February 29 to March 1, for a weekend of learning, celebration, and transformation at Mindvalley Live. Expect to meet like-minded souls and have tons of fun, Mindvalley- style. Experience 3 full days of transformational learning with your favourite Mindvalley authors, meet them LIVE and learn exclusive, practical strategies to level up your life. Event theme is Future Human Superpowers. Mindvalley Live will equip you with skills and tools that will fulfill you in navigating and thriving in this ever changing world.

Here you will find true friends for life — people who are close to you in spirit.

mindvalley events 2020

By the time you leave the event, you will have a host of amazing ideas to unleash your extraordinary life and awaken your mind. Superhuman at Work is an invitation-only event exclusively for leaders who are looking to boost their organization, and themselves, to new heights. Learn the secrets behind creating a high performance culture where people bring their A-game to work with them every day.

Find out what truly motivates people to be consistently productive, focused and passionate about working together to achieve your company goals, and how to create an environment where people love their job and give it their all.

Skip to content.Created by Vishen Lakhiani, Be Extraordinary takes ideas from numerous legendary teachers at Mindvalley and unifies them in an elegant model for understanding your role in the world and how to perform at peak levels by learning:. The Advanced protocol for the 6 Phase Meditation. Integrated philosophies for understanding the world and realizing your own potential.

This seminar is for people who know they are destined for greatness, but may be struggling to live a life of meaning right now. For those who desire to do amazing things but are caught in a few negative patterns and need that something to help them break out.

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Becoming Extraordinary takes you through all the essential Mindvalley philosophies and ties together the best teachings from all the top Mindvalley authors. It gives you a practical toolkit, backed up by science, for you to rewire your brain and see you life accelerate in the direction of your wildest dreams.

More than coaches, each Mindvalley Trainer is a successful entrepreneur in their own right and someone who lives and breathes personal growth.

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Using the framework designed by Vishen Lakhiani they take you through the complete Be Extraordinary Experience. As a way to heal her own heartbreak, she became a certified Spiritual Divorce coach through The Ford Institute of Integrated Coaches and also received her certification in their Blueprint process. Marcus Kettles is a third generation, native Californian.

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Marcus is a graduate of the Institute of Full Permission Living, a 3 year holistic therapy program of mind, body and spirit and had a thriving holistic psychotherapy practice in NYC. InMarcus moved back to California and opened two award winning boutique fitness centers called Fit Buddha Evolutionary Fitness, where he combines his knowledge of fitness with the spiritual practices of moving meditation.

Vishen presented The 6 Phase Meditation at the Wisdom 2. The recording has now been viewed over 1 million times. Watch here. While on the road, the singer-songwriter has been hosting special guided meditation sessions with handful of press and fans before each show. In this module you will learn about the 4 levels of consciousness. This module will cover Satori and Kensho experiences and how these are crucial to ascending up the levels of consciousness.

You will understand the framework that puts you in a state of Bending Reality. You will uncover the relationship and key to happiness in the now versus your vision of the future. You will learn about the state of mind in which you are pulled forward by big goals, yet happy where you are now. You will go deep into the teachings of this radical way to meditate that will have a profound effect on your life. You will be guided through the The Advanced version of the 6 Phase Meditation to directly experience how powerful it is.

Plus get insights into the inner workings and deep brain-rewiring that it achieves. This module covers compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, future dreaming, the perfect day and blessings. With traditional methods of goal setting, you can only set a goal as big as you can imagine. When you learn to operate from inspiration, you will achieve and experience things beyond your imagination.

You will learn the difference between means versus ends goals and how this gives you the blueprint for the transformational: Three Most Important Questions. You will also learn about advanced powerful techniques including how to turn problems into projects, the Power Pause, the Invisible Councillor, the Delta Doorway, and many more practices and tools to turn your everyday life into a living masterpiece.Jon and Missy Butcher are artist-entrepreneurs, whose life together revolves around their epic love affair, family, and work.

Together they have founded over a dozen companies, all organized around causes that matter. Jon and Missy created Lifebook as a one-of-a-kind lifestyle design system that guides you towards your personal vision of success in the 12 dimensions of life.

The Mindvalley Podcast aims to bring to you the greatest teachers and thought leaders on the planet to discuss the world's most powerful ideas in personal growth for mind, body, spirit, and work. Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful. Are you unhappy at work? Most of us will face the same challenge at some point in our lives. Should you get in and invest right now or pull out and run for the hills?

With over two decades of experience, Shelly has a wealth of knowledge Add comment. Add comment Listen Later Remove. Leave us a review on iTunes, Twitter or Instagram Mindvalley. A little bit about… Jon and Missy Butcher Jon and Missy Butcher are artist-entrepreneurs, whose life together revolves around their epic love affair, family, and work.

You may also like. April 14, April 9, April 7, April 2, Hosted in different cities around the world, with each seminar you will experience a life-changing and empowering learning environment.

Every seminar will equip you with the knowledge, inspiration, support, strategy, and accountability you need to succeed. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected.

Jan Actions and Detail Panel. Sales Ended. Event description. Read more Read less. About this Event. Refunds up to 7 days before event. Map and Directions View Map. Mindvalley 'Be Extraordinary' Seminar is coming back to Amsterdam. View Details.

Here’s What You Can Expect at A-Fest Jordan 2020

Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. Mindvalley Event creator. Events you might like:. Health Class. Share this event. Health Seminar. Spirituality Retreat.

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Business Networking. Business Class. ScienceTech Seminar. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in.This 3-minute video showcases the highlights of the event in and gives you a glimpse of what to expect for A-Fest — its 10th anniversary. Every A-Fest focuses on personal growth and our daily performance. Last year, 7 speakers inspired and empowered the attendees with their wisdom, experience, knowledge, and ideas.

Vishen Lakhiani, the co-founder and CEO of Mindvalley shared his journey of turning a passion for meditation into a global movement with over 5 million students. Keith Ferrazzi, entrepreneur and founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight, talked about how powerful it is to have deep connections with people around us.

mindvalley events 2020

Brendan Kane, growth hacker for Fortune corporations, shared his techniques on how to get 1 million Facebook fans in just 30 days. You become part of the global A-Fest Tribe, a global community that meets up every other week all around the world.

You can even set up your own meeting too! The best part? A-Fest is a whole lotta fun. Unforgettable parties, breathtaking excursions, and the chance to connect with an amazing tribe to help you accelerate your personal growth journey are just some of the things which give A-Fest its magic.

December 16, Comments 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Tell us about you.

Your application will be reviewed by our team within 1 week. A-Fest is a member-only event. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! Global Campus Membership unlocks your access to all of our flagship events, including Mindvalley University and A-Fest no need to re-applyand a host of other member-only events taking place around the globe. Essentially, you'll have a powerful full immersion both offline and online :. People from a wide range of diverse fields who are just as passionate about their own transformation as they are about being a force of positive change in the world.

We will review your application within 1 week. If accepted, you can immediately purchase your membership and book your A-Fest ticket. The approved applicant will receive instructions for themselves and family members to secure their membership also.

Your use of our services is subject to these revised terms which give you more control and protection over your data. A-Fest Support Login Apply. Join Us In Paradise! We believe that a remarkable location plays a crucial role in helping you connect with the rest of the tribe, and step into the right mindset to learn and grow. Our tribe meet regularly around the world and support each other in their journey to making a huge impact.

Take Your Game And Life To The Next Level Get exclusive training, learning, and transformation from some of the most renowned speakers in the world, sharing their best practices and ideas. Maybe it's the paradise locations. Maybe it's the amazing teachers. Or maybe we're just really, really good at throwing legendary parties. Next Steps for Joining us at A-Fest. Attendees 17 and under are not required to become a Mindvalley Global Campus Member and can secure a ticket to A-Fest once their parent or guardian does.

Your Global Campus Membership Benefits.

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Exclusive invites to member-only events around the globe. Already a Mindvalley Global Campus Member?

mindvalley events 2020


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